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Here we post quotes of our fans who are helping us do the heavy lifting and making the planet better by getting our message out. Email us truth@truthonearthband.com with your comments and picture. If we see the effort we will post you below and send you our famous band kit too.



"I never would have imagined that three lovely women from Chicago would be such a powerful force of change in my life. I find myself singing Truth on Earth songs to myself everyday as I begin to make more mindful choices in the world. They have the strength to commit themselves to something fantastic on this earth, and I thank you ladies for your help in becoming vegetarian and for becoming guides on this journey of mine. It's a work in progress but I am closer to success thanks to you!" Jen Thomas, TOE Fan


"Who ever thought that music could be used to make such a difference. These musicians have the dedication, honesty, and selflessness to create music meant to change the world for the better. Enough with songs about getting high, getting drunk, and disrespecting women. For a change, listen to this passionate music about the world's problems. FINALLY, someone is adressing these problems, and through a popular form of communication as well! Music is the new way to send a message to the world. On top of the passionate message, their sound is simply fantastic. Three wonderful voices with excellently played instruments. They don't need anything else. Tess, Kiley and Serena are on their way to the top. When people are talking about Truth On Earth 20 or 30 years from now, I'm going to be proud to have listened to their revolutionary music when it was just the beginning. Have fun changing the world."
Olivia, TOE Fan


I had recently turned away from music - in the way that health conscious adults avoid candy - from being tired of drowning in addictive lyrics about destruction, drugs, and (even in the best cases!) self-obsessed artist's personal relationship woes or joys. Many of those same artists seemed to be burning their earnings on mansions, limos, and elaborate parties. Then I stumbled upon this beautiful music by these wonderful people, artists with not only talent but mission and purpose, and discovered that a majority of their profits go to charities. I want more of the world on the same wavelength as Truth On Earth, and that means more people need to be putting their $9.95 in the hath for what this band does. If you'd like previews, check out their myspace or official website. I'd recommend starting with Starvation Diet, Where Will You Sleep Tonight and Flip Flop From The Top, though everything in their collection is different and has a place!
Chris DeLeon, Video Game Developer and TOE Fan


“Truth on Earth’s sound is amazing. And singing about world problems is a huge plus. And they’re lyrics are awesome too, so it’s not just the good beat. And they just give off an awesome vibe. I could easily see these girls going far and making a huge difference. Can’t wait to hear your new songs, I’m very excited about them. Keep up the awesome work, Serena, Kiley and Tess!” Matt, TOE’s #1 fan!


"Truth On Earth is such an inspiration. These girls are teaming up to try and help stop the problems faced daily around the world. They have different views of music. Where as people like Miley Cyrus and other people sing about break ups and boys and all the sappy lovey dovey stuff, they sings about what's real, and that is what makes them special! I love the music, you guys have great voices and are obviously full of talent! Keep rocking out!"
Spenser, TOE Fan

"Awareness is a powerful healing force and Serena, Kiley and Tess are creating awareness through their unique sound, evocative lyrics and passion to make a difference. They are an inspiration and are revolutionaries of healing as they awaken us, their listeners to the reality of the world and what we can do to heal ourselves and our land." Jen Thompson, TOE Fan


"The more I think about what Serena, Kiley and Tess are doing with their band Truth on Earth, the more encouraged I am by it. The dedication to a greater purpose - the action-oriented compassion which drives their efforts and their music is the kind of stuff that really does change the world for the better. Truth on Earth is a fresh and effective voice that calls each of us to think and act with more commitment than ever to make a difference..

In their music you can hear the influence of some of the styles and artists they mention as having inspired them - but more than anything else you hear the unique and creative artistry of three girls who have soul and heart - as well as talent and determination." Matthew Blaisdell, TOE Fan

If you turn on your favorite music station you will quickly find the same topics rehashed, get money, be famous and do anything for popularity. While this trend is popular its not realistic and true music fans know it. Truth on Earth is a different type of sound with a valid message that everyone should hear. The girls aren't some fabricated Hollywood band, they are sisters and share a common interest, that being the good of the world. They make their voice heard through their powerful lyrics and imagery. If you haven't heard them, I highly recommend you search You Tube, iTunes or visit the band profiles found on all the popular Social networks. Matthew Keefe - Designer & TOE Fan

"Refreshing, with a nice colour of 'green' and hope, let Truth on Earth rock your World!! You won't regret it!" Bruno, TOE Fan

"You Rock.  Cool beautiful sisters whose poetry in songs help make our world a better place.  Your song hit home for me and I want you to know that there is help for kids.  I want kids to be turned on to SafeWave's iLAND5 to keep them safe from the cyber bullies. Keep on Rockin'." Andrew Preston, TOE Fan




“It really gives me a renewed sense of hope to see and hear you and your sisters, Truth on Earth indeed! I watched the interview you had posted and listened to your songs, and it just made me smile! I know you probably hear this alot, but to have such a mature view of the world, and the social conscience and awareness you girls have at such a young age is so inspiring!  You definitely have your heads in the right place, musically and otherwise. Being a musician myself, I was also very impressed by your tastes in music and the influences you draw upon. I listen to many of the same artists you do, and I'm more than twice your age!!! It just goes to show that age is only a number. Please keep doing what you're doing now, and I think you'll definitely go far! It's obvious that you're sincere about the causes you talk and write about, it comes through in your music.” Jeff Shinn, TOE Fan and Musician

Truth on Earth is a group of young women that are truly out to change the world. Their music is inspiring, their passion for positive change is influential, and they are absolutely wonderful role models for the current generation. I was very lucky to find out about their band and I will continue to spread the word about their music and amazing efforts to everyone I know. I absolutely love their music and the fact that they are following their dreams and truly making a difference. Thank you!!
Torrey Trust - CEO Surf eCo

“The wonderful girls from Truth on Earth are extremely talented musicians who create powerful lyrics which are helping to raise awareness about a wide range of important issues. TOE is a refreshing change and it is fantastic that we finally have ethical and talented role models for the next generation. The girls are compassionate, knowledgeable and beautiful inside and out. I enjoy listening to their music and look forward to their future projects – keep up the great work!”

Anna-Lisa Nagel, TOE fan and employee of the Seal Protection Action Group & Campaign Whale as well as an editor at Green Girls Global

“Your beautiful, stunning, and soulful music does so much good for so many people. I not only admire you for embracing the causes that you do and for bringing some painful subjects to light, but I believe your music encourages others to want to do their best to make this world a better place, too. And aside from all of that  . . .you three just ROCK!  You've all been gifted with such extraordinary talent and it's a pleasure just to hear you sing! I have a feeling the world's going to be hearing a lot more from you!” Lisette Brodey, Author

“You guys are quite amazing and I love your idea of teaming up to further the cause!!”
Julie, Founder of Girls Gone Green

“Very cool. Really dig what u r about. Peace, luv & Gaia!” Woody Harrelson, Actor & Environmentalist

“Truth on Earth is spreading compassion with every song, and keeping our toes tapping with their soulful singing.  These girls are smart, talented, and beautiful, and they have put together the coolest girl band on Earth, FOR the Earth!” Lorri Bauston, Founder of Animal Acres and Co-founder of Farm Sanctuary

"Truth On Earth is such an amazing band. And they are soo nice! I love their music and I really like how they want to change the bad things in the world. :)" Liz, TOE Fan

"Thanks for the great music, and the great interview - one of the best and most important I've ever done for Light On Light Through!”
Paul Levinson - University Professor, Author, Media Commentator & Recording Artist

“Serena, Kiley, Tess...you three have a wonderfully fresh energy!  Your sound is inviting and sacred.  Keep working hard, while holding fast to your own Truth.” Siena & Toast from Makena Music

Truth on Earth has a goal. Not a selfish "want to be rich and famous" goal but a "we want to make a difference" goal. Their mission is to raise awareness and put an end to some of the world's major problems so the world can be a place worth passing down to our children and our children's children. Name one person who thinks that's a bad cause. Exactly. Not one person does. So I would Highly recommend listening to these songs and thinking about them as you do. You can make a difference too. You already have if you purchased the band's music! 70% of their profits go to support the causes in these songs!!!!!! So with as little as .99 cents you can help make the world a better place. Besides the cause the songs are catchy too! My favorites are Some People and Enough, but they are all amazing! Buy this music!” Erik Pierce, TOE Fan & Lead Guitarist for 'The Option'

“I'm very impressed - especially for a group so young. If you ever come to LA, I definitely want to go to your show.” Raegan Payne, Actress & founder of ‘The Good Muse’

"Truth on Earth is more than three young women making great music. It's a band with a powerful, life-affirming message -- a message that has never been more relevant than it is today. I applaud these creative artists for using their talents for something truly meaningful and for reaching out to the public when so many others are satisfied with the status quo." Mark Hawthorne,  Animal Activist & Author of Striking at the Roots: A Practical Guide to Animal Activism

“Well done to you amazingly inspirational and talented young people, your message of compassion is clear and I have no doubt you are making a big difference in this world today, keep up the fantastic work and never give up, bless you and Happy New Year!! :)
! Maria Danes & Paul Killington, Rock and Roller

“Thank you - you made my day! Bless you and your sisters! ”Ed Begley, Actor & Environmentalist

“I just discovered a very cool band made up of three sisters in their teens. They're serious activists, trying to change everything in the world from child abuse to 3rd world hunger to substance abuse to factory farming and environmental destruction. This is usually a recipe for corny, heavy-handed folk music that I personally can't relate to at all, but these girls are actually really talented. Great voices, strong music, and apple-pie faces to die for. Check them out and download some of their music. A whopping 70% of the proceeds goes to charities that support the principles of their fave philosopher, Mahatma Gandhi.”Dan Piraro, Founder - Bizarro Cartoonist

“Truth On Earth represents the next generation of activism. Young, inspired women that are bringing their voices to the issues that matter - and they're not afraid to say the tough things that need to be said. But they don't stop there. Rarely do you see a website that is as comprehensive as the one that Truth On Earth has built. Their "Take Action" section speaks volumes about how seriously these three take their message. This is a band that walks their talk.” Peter Buffet, Recording Artist, Composer & Philanthropist

"Wow, I am so moved by the song and video…. Such great and worthy work you and your family are doing.” Kathy Freston, NY Times Bestselling author


“I played the Truth on Earth CD while I was working away in my office. The vocals just kept grabbing my attention. Serena, Kiley, and Tess sing so well that it pulls you into the song. The songs have a lot of heart and soul, and it definitely comes through in their performance. They're awesome young women, and I hope they continue to pursue making music together, as they'll get even better. In whatever they do, I'm sure they will be a positive influence to those around them, particularly their peers.” Brian, TOE Fan

“"These girls are doing a lot of good for the world and it is so needed. Keep up the good work and thanks for all you do!" Elizabeth Bennett - Survivor Specialist, PeerAbuse.info & BullyPolice.org

“Your work is very impressive.” John McDougall, MD Physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through vegetarian cuisine

“It's so great to here that you guys are out there, doing what you do for the animals, the earth, and human beings!  Truth on Earth has an amazing sound and all your ethics are in the right place.  Thank you so much for all that you're doing. “ Heather, Mercy for Animals

 “It sounds like you are doing a wonderful thing for the world using music as a means of communicating hope and enlightenment.”
Allegra Klein, founder of Music 4 Harmony

“I'm real impressed by all the stances you and your sisters take! You three are fantastic and an inspiration for all...and being a good band and singers will really help draw attention to some very important social causes. You Rock! Taking action on issues so many just ignore or are unaware of.” Mike, ASPCA member

Wow! I am so impressed by your music and your lyrics. What an awesome band you have. Thanks for sharing your website with me, and for calling me last Friday to say "hey." I truly, miss you all! It appears that you are all doing wonderfully, and making a difference in this crazy world of ours. I'm proud to know you and to have been a part of your life. Love and hugs to the entire family!”
Miss Paddy, Drama Teacher to the Girls & Founder - Paddylynn Storyacting

"You girls are amazing and are one of the most inspiring people/activists there are, keep up the good work!" Garrett, TOE Fan

“I really respect Truth On Earth for their message to get out there and start helping the Earth out. I believe the time has come, and those of us on the planet right now need to stand up and do something. I think they rock. They truly are down-to-Earth! All three of you are so beautiful! Keep the music hot, and keep the earth cool Girls.” Cheyenne, TOE Fan

I think your band is fantastic, unique, and really talented. Almost every band today sounds the same, so it's great to hear something new and different. Also, what you strive for -your mission- is very important and you're lyrics are honest, true, and inspiring. Rob, TOE Fan



“I heard the songs and I'm totally knocked out. Your music is exceptional, and I want to support you by buying the album.  I will enjoy it for the rest of my life.  I hope the album has lots of photos in it, because you women are gorgeous.  My wife is going to tease me about that, I'm sure.  Well, it's her fault; she told me about you!” Bill, TOE Fan